Thought Cops: Episode 88

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Internet legend Lowtax joins us this week! The creator of Something Awful, Gaming Garbage, and Murder the Internet lends us his many years of online outrage expertise to help dish out divine justice to those who mildly annoy us.

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It’s Halloween time. So get ready for an influx of skeleton gifs and “2 spoopy” culture that’s almost too cute to step all over, but fuck it, that’s why we’re here.

To take a page out of Kleenex’s book: this episode is Man-Sized.

Lawsuits against comedians have been all the rage this year, and now fellow podcast host (yes we just held you in the same regard as us) Will Menaker of Chapo Trap House is being sued by former Trump Adviser Jason Miller for likening him to a “rat face baby killer.” We can’t determine if that meant he looked like he killed rat-faced babies, or if he was a baby killer who had a rat face. I suppose it doesn’t matter.

It’s a bad time to be a nameless character wandering around a town in a JRPG, because twitter has begun banning the “NPC meme”. If you told me this sentence a year ago, I’d laugh. If you told it to me today, I’d cry. Did I do it on the episode? Listen and find out.

Oh yeah. We talk about Gritty.

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Thought Cops: Episode 87

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Your two favorite playable-character hosts are back! The Thought Cops are on the beat!

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We are joined by Deputy Peter who lends us his side of the emotional labor in this year’s edition of “Halloween Costumes That Might Be Awkward To Show Up At A Party In”. Deputy Niko stops by to chime in as well!


Taylor Swift broke her political silence this week. And we’ve been waiting on pins and needles to offer our opinions on the matter. At last, you can hear them on this episode.

We also talk about Alec Baldwin coming down with a nasty case of consumption (read: irony poisoning), and the ill-advised “#HimToo” movement. This is why we can’t have nice things (heard a funny character in Anchorman say this line, thought I’d try it out here)

For more hilarious content, stick around for fan voicemails, and be sure to leave your own at 312-788-7361. We do this every damn week! Thanks everyone for your continued support of the show, and don’t forget to follow us on twitch for all kinds of “heated gaming moments” as well, such as trying to find the last three music notes in a Banjo-Kazooie stage. Jesus.

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Thought Cops: Episode 86

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Hold on tight. That’s right. We’re back. And we’re joined by Mike Mancini of the Black Sheep, once again! Mike talks about the Black Sheep’s newest interactive video series “Comment Below”. Have a look for yourself and join in on the fun:

We reached our first stretch goal on Patreon! Thank you so much to all who donate, and if ya haven’t? You’re missin’ out on the live discord chats, and if this episode is any indication, things can get a little heated.

Speaking of heat (*high fives self*), we also released a new episode of our Patreon-exclusive spin-off podcast “Fire Bros”! We discuss whether or not certain media is safe for public consumption… or if it it should be scorched from this plane of existence. This month we dig through Shovel Knight, Glow, Gurren Lagann, and Incredibles 2. Feelings may get hurt along the way this time. Stay tuned.

Grant talks about his near-death experience with a uniquely “handicapped” uber driver. Kevin discusses /our guy/ guys, and Mike tells us why everyone’s fat ass thought this episode was a chicken nugget.

Speaking of near death experiences (*high fives my friends*), we discuss the man in the purple hoodie, “Cuck Norris”. Honestly, you just need to see this.

The “Curvy Wife” guy tries to sue, and virtual idol Kizuna aims to take down Logan and Jake Paul. This sounds like some Skynet type shit, but honestly fuck those guys, it’s worth it.

Thanks for all of the 312-788-7361 voicemails (we play them) and for the 5-star reviews (we read them). This show is fueled by interactivity, so make sure to get in the action and leave a voicemail and review!

(*high fives YOU*)

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Thought Cops: Episode 85

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Put on your Super Crowns and strap in for another episode of Thought Cops! This week we’re joined by our show’s own Stenographer, who is fortunate enough to work in a place where they don’t print off memes and stick them on the fridge. Bow before her power and might.

This episode, we talk about memes in the wild, THAT being a thing, and the long anticipated rant on the Kiki Challenge. You’re gonna be glad we waited for this one.

We also talk about sexy Handmaid’s Tale Halloween costumes, Drake’s grooming services, and last but definitely not least BOWSETTE. Talk about a sexy Halloween costume.

We also just released episode 5 of our monthly bonus episode Fire Bros! Check it out here.

And a BIG, big thanks to all our supporters on Patreon. We’re almost at our first goal of $100 a month! The support has helped us pay for hosting, pay for equipment, and pay for gas money to go on trips like these:

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Fire Bros: Episode 5

Download Episode 5 of Fire Bros Here

Donate to our Patreon HERE. Welcome to Episode 5 of Fire Bros! The only show where we save humanity by destroying creative content. This month, we EVISCERATE The Incredibles 2, Gurren Lagann, Shovel Knight, and GLOW Season 2.

Thanks to everyone who subscribes to these bonus episodes. Don’t forget to drop us a voicemail about it! 312-788-7361

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Thought Cops: Episode 84

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Dr. Joseph B. Peterman is a clinical memeologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Kekkistan. This is his third time appearing on the Slow Rogan Experience.

All Dr. Peterman’s self-improvement writing programs at his online store here. Use coupon code: CHIMP- 0% off for Slow Rogan listeners.

You can get all of Slow Rogan’s kettlebells, hunting bows, and Chad Brain™ supplements at this link: http://gorrila.balls. Don’t forget to leave a five star review for a free sample of Zyklon A from Fritz Haber.

Outtro music:

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Thought Cops: Episode 83

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We’re back. We got it right this time. We really almost couldn’t get it together this week.

The cousins return! Blake and Justin lend their wise minds to the show, to touch on things such as why good girls always fall for bad guys. Riley from Mighty Morphin Power Hour was in town visiting and joined us on mic as well!

This week’s all about the heroes in society. Not speaking metaphorically, of course. I’m talking about SUPER heroes! Spider-Man and Superman are both in the news this week. What happened to them?? Tune in and find out.

We also talk about the Beatles jerking off together, Norm MacDonald’s big new controversy, and Gymcels, so hold onto your gains.

We got a bunch of voicemails this week as well: 312-788-7361. Join in on the fun! Leave one, and we’ll play it on the show. You can also support us at Patreon for bonus content and more. Thanks, love you all.

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