Case File 98 with Asterios Kokkinos

Welcome to Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by three-peat champion Asterios Kokkinos! Asterios is a comedian from New York, and the host of 48,000 podcasts you can all find in the Asterios Kokkinos Podcast Factory.

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Show Notes

It’s the start of a new year, which means we’ve brought all of last year’s problems over the threshold to ruin everyone’s internet experience one obnoxious post at a time. This week, we go apprehend people over too much AOC spam, the social media depression hole, Chris Rock’s n-word controversy, and Soulja Boy’s failed video game console. We also get weirded the fuck out by Kevin Spacey’s newest viral video:

Don’t forget to leave us a voicemail at 312-788-7361, and we’ll play it on the show. Happy new year, mother fuckers.

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