Case File 95 with Aaron Klopfer and Brianna Murphy

Climb aboard, it’s another episode of Thought Cops! This week we are joined by Chicago comedians Aaron Klopfer and Brianna Murphy, and we try very hard to stay on task. Results may vary, but you won’t complain now, will you?

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Show Notes

This week, we tackle celebrity deaths. The ones that matter, at least. We (Grant) get mad at our phones for not doing what we tell them to do. Darn those things.

A CALL TO ARMS: The war on porn has begun. Tumblr has started censoring all adult content (which naturally, the algorithm attempts to wildly guess at) and Starbucks bans porn sites from their wifi. No room for cream with that order.

PETA goes whole-hog (bagel) on speech policing, and offers some animal-friendly language instead. We go over some key phrases you should use instead of saying “I’m bringing home the bacon” like you’re in some 90s sitcom. Being vegetarian must be hard, when science says you should only eat six fries in one sitting.

As always, we play your listener voicemails as well! Leave your own at 312-788-7361, and you’re gonna like the way you sound. We guarantee it.

Thank you to the wonderful dude2o for editing this episode, and all following episodes. These episodes should speak for themselves if you are looking for any audio editing work: hit him up.


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