Case File 89 with Producer Zwick and Gumshoe Niko

Happy Hangover-ween, everyone! Ugh. Alcohol- is it good or bad? You listen to this episode and be the judge. We partied a little too hard on pre-Halloween weekend, and look at what’s become of us. Thank you Zwick and GUMSHOE Niko for coming along for the ride.

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Show Notes

This week, Justin Bieber eats a burrito the wrong way, and the internet loses it’s mind! Who gives a fuck.

Apu is set to leave The Simpsons and Springfield behind, and Elon Musk is forced to face his age with the age old question: what are your dankest memes?

Remember when we used to binge-eat candy on Halloween instead of binge-drinking cheap liquor? I don’t anymore.

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