Case File 82 with Deputy Niko

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Welcome to the swamp- it’s Thought Cops, “Episode 82”! This week, we’re joined by Deputy Niko! Niko came with us on our pilgrimage to Shrek Fest. So we talk about the disaster that was. You can also commission her to draw normal stuff, Shrek Rule 34 stuff, and more, here.

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We talk about that stupid face Elon Musk makes when he smokes weed on Joe Rogen’s podcast. You know the one. Fuck everything. We talk about Alex Jones and Marco Rubio. Fuck everything. A guy allegedly sets his house on fire while burning his Nike products. Fuck everything.

Call into the show. The number is 312-788-7361. We’ll play your voicemail on air. Remind us what it’s like to feel pleasure in this world. Thanks for listening.

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