Case File 80 with Allan Foster of Not For Human Consumption and Deputy Josh

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This, is “Episode 80”. And these, are our stories.Ep80final

This week, our bitter rival Allan Foster of the podcast Not For Human Consumption  joins us, as does returning friend of the show Deputy Josh!

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Ahem. Onto the business at hand.

We really get into a lot this week, in the short span of a single episode. Unironic use of the word “soy”? Fuck you! Facebook friend requests followed by “hey check out my band”? Go to hell! Accidental unfollow/re-follows on twitter? We’re so sorry Mike.

The “millenial massacre-ist” has struck again. This week’s victim? Hooters. Hooters was last seen in critical condition, witnesses say she should pull through, should millenials return to spend money on re-heated frozen food at their establishment.

All that and a LOT more on this thrilling 80th installment of the internet outrage mob’s number one podcast! Thanks to all who continue to donate on Patreon– we’ve surpassed $50 a month! How cool that we make anything doing this show. Our $5 tier has received a significant upgrade as well: for just $5 a month, you not only get access to all episodes of our spin-off show Fire Bros, but you also get to be a part of the conversation live every single week on discord! Once you donate, you’ll be invited to join our discord server, and if this episode is any indication, it really adds to the show’s madness.

Don’t forget to leave us your voicemails, too! 312-788-7361. We play a bunch of those, too.

Whew. Thanks for everything, y’all.

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