Case File 8

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Welcome to yet another episode of Thought Cops. This week we cover a number of contentious issues, such as employee dress codes, furry fetishes, and breastfeeding other people’s children.

But first… Da Vinci. Beethoven. Dostoevsky.

… Emmanuel Santos? Is his name to be included with the greatest artists of all time?

Probably not. Who are we to judge his terrible bust of, uh… some sort of human. Not even Jesus could please everybody, but at least he didn’t create this godforsaken abomination.

This week, a writer at Polygon made a joke about firing his lazers to a Star Fox character, to which a page called Feminist Frequency said that his fetish for “damsels-in-distress” was disgusting. You know what’s disgusting? Judging people’s furry fetishes. What if he identifies as a Fox-kin, you bigot? How dare you tell him who he’s allowed to be sexually attracted to.

We wrap thing up with a conversation about the TSA patting children down for uncomfortably long, a woman losing her job for accidentally breast feeding someone else’s kid, and children playing with pretend guns. I think that the punishment for a child playing with a pretend gun should be the same as the penalty for unlawful carrying: a felony. That’s just me though.

We’re finally recording with microphones onto a computer like a real podcast would, so let us know how things sound. We also have a new theme song coming out in the next few episodes, so stay tuned. AAAOOOOUUUGGGHHHHH!?!?!?!?!

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