Case File 79 with Antoids

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Welcome to episode 79 of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by Antoids, the Reverse Audio Engineer of the Biggest Problem in the Universe Uncucked Episodes. He also has a YouTube channel, Digital Roots, and a brand new podcast called Branching Out. He’s also got a Patreon.

If you’ve been following our battle against Not For Human Consumption to get onto the See You Next Tuesday Podcasting Network, we’ve won! And so did they! When we recorded the episode we didn’t know that yet, so make sure to listen to get the full scoop.

This week, we point our long dick of the law at shitty swype keyboards, people who use the phrase “self-own,” and Twitter nuking millions of bots and ruining your follower count. We also talk about all the things millenials have killed, the death of Emuparadise, the new Batwoman takes her Twitter down, and an update on the war against New York and Chicago pizza. We might’ve talked about professional gamer Ninja not wanting to stream with women, but I don’t remember, and honestly, who the fuck cares.

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