Case File 74 with Steve aka extranapkins

Welcome to another entry in the Thought Cops podcast canon: “Episode 74”. This week we are joined by “Steve” AKA @extranapkins. He runs his own podcast Good Smell Flannel. You can check out his screen prints, comics, and more at and Steve’s Cards.

“The Green Goo Guy”

Show Notes

The train keeps on rollin’ this week. We discuss Facebook’s take on the declaration of independence, Ron Paul’s take on cartoons, and a take so hot, you might not handle it: Nanette could be good?? Even though as John Mulaney might say that Mick Jagger might say, it’s: “NOT FUNNAY!”

As always, thanks to all the Thought Cops stans out there who have been patient with us this week as we had a gap week. Please continue to leave us constructive voicemails at 312-788-7361. And for additional content, please support us on Patreon.

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