Case File 71 with Tab of Here’s What I Don’t Get

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Quick, come inside, you’re just in time for Thought Cops, “Episode 71”! This week we’re joined by Tab, also known as Madcucks. Tab is the co-host of the podcast Here’s What I Don’t Get, and is our second guest to survive the infamous Lolsuit.

This week, we get into all sorts of trouble. Daddy-daughter dances, Albert Einstein’s theory of racism, and lots of E3 drama! Has Waluigi become the new Pickle Rick? You’ll have to listen to find out! Grant, cue the “Thought Cops Gaming Corner” theme, please.

Speaking of games, it’s a bad week to be a nerd. Chris Hardwick proves once again that maybe epic bacon… isn’t so epic after all. Points! And hey, stick around after the episode for AMC’s recap show “Talking Cops”.

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