Case File 63 with Mumkey Jones

Welcome to Episode 63 of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by the very funny, the very talented, the very beautiful, Mumkey Jones from Youtube! He’s also on Patreon, and is soon to be releasing a book.

Show Notes

This week, we talk about entitled millionaire Philip “Fuck Me Eyes” DeFranco, chanting protest phrases on Twitter, and people bitching about people celebrating 420. Most of them are sentenced to getting launched into the sun.

We also throw barrels at Billy Mitchell for cheating at Donkey Kong, make minimum wage earning workers at Starbucks sit through racial sensitivity seminars for National “Try Our Competitor” Day, watch as Morrissey loses his status as a progressive icon, and rip men’s feet off when they wear them in the city.

Speaking of the Donkey Kong thing, here’s the video I referenced in the episode:

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