Case File 62

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Welcome to Thought Cops! Episode 62. Kevin’s back from his trip to Los Angeles to find the American dream, but instead ended up coming back with a $50 piece of avocado toast.

This episode was packed with outrage. The Simpsons respond to controversy. Taylor Swift covers Earth, Wind, and Fire, and that’s racist because she’s white. Moby hates poor people. Bully Hunters becomes a thing and then all of a sudden it’s not. A female journalist gets teabagged in a video game. We should honestly be getting paid overtime for this shit, because we’re barely keeping up with all of it.

Also this episode, Brad from the Phone Losers of America leaves us a voicemail to get some free advertising. Check them out. I also mention David and Liz from the online comic Dreamkeepers, who streamed an episode of ours while working on their art.

We also have two challenges for our fans, one of which may elicit some sort of a prize. The first challenge is to find a way to get strangers/non-listeners to call 312-788-7361 and leave us a voicemail. The second challenge is to draw a picture of a Brouroboros, which is a “bro” that’s eternally sucking his own dick. Email it to and we’ll figure out some sort of a contest for this, but start getting those colored pencils out.

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