Case File 49 with Deputy Blake and Deputy Justin

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Ope! Welcome to episode 49 of Thought Cops. This week, we’re joined by Deputy Blake and Deputy Blake’s Cousin Deputy Justin. They’re starting their own spin-off podcast called Kissing Kousins, that’s right, with three two K’s. Also, I’m just kidding.

This week, we try and find out who’s the real person and who’s the alter ego between Buck Hunter and Nate Underarmor. We also talk about the Golden Globes and how the internet collectively lost their remotes right after everyone turned it on.

Speaking of the Golden Globes, we have Oprah’s speech that guarantees her presidency, Connie Britton’s $300 “Poverty is Sexist” shirt, Natalie Portman’s funny joke, and Roseanne’s long awaited return to television. We also mention the lore of Ugandan Knuckles, and the H&M sweatshirt controversy.

Watch who you’re walking into when you turn the corner, and how loud you’re Ope!ing, because you never know what you’re gonna Ope. Don’t forget to drop us a comment, leave us a voicemail at 312-788-7361, and rate and subscribe to us on iTunes. And don’t forget to subscribe to us on the Gorilla Channel.

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1 Response to Case File 49 with Deputy Blake and Deputy Justin

  1. Corson UnderArmour and wife says:

    Dear Thought Cops,

    I don’t understand what this is all about, but you’re screwing with my son(s) head. It’s gotten so that I never know where my work laptop is at and all of my minused pages have been erased –permanently!!! I come home to them calling me “bougie” and I looked up that word and I want you to know that I work VERY HARD. We may not be Chaps or Urban Pipeline or whatever you “bougie” little pissers wear, but I do it for my bub(s) –who I love. You will understand when you have kids –BELIEVE ME. STOP. NOW. Or you will be rejected from purchasing apparel from any of our retailers. Think about it, pal. Your loss.

    -A loving father (edited by a concerned mother)

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