Case File 44 with Asterios Kokkinos

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Welcome to episode 44 of Thought Cops! This week, we look into the mirror and say three times and Asterios Kokkinos magically appears on our show. You may know him from the Biggest Problem in the Universe, The Dick Show, Enemies of 20-Something Megaman, Toys “4” Cheap, his bi-monthly podcast Science Friction, or maybe you saw him fight a moderator of r/the_donald.

Asterios joins us while taking a 50 block stroll down the loud, busy, loud streets of New York City, to help us tackle problems modern Americans face today, such as spoiler culture, apps that beg you to enable notifications, and Baby It’s Cold Outside truthers.

This week, we learn what soy boys are, and find out about Disney’s master plan to get Bart Simpson into the next Kingdom Hearts game by merging with Fox. We’re one step closer to Brawndo running the country, people. It’s time to get scared.

We also go over Pamela Anderson’s controversial comments about females in Hollywood not putting themselves into compromising situations. No comment.

The biggest story this week was professional comedy critic Mike Cernovich getting Sam Seder fired from MSNBC for this tweet:

I wonder if Asterios has ever gotten in trouble for a joke like this before. I guess we should’ve asked him at some point. Our bad, we must be bad interviewers.

Seder was reinstated only a couple days after the initial wave of outrage was sparked, but that isn’t stopping many from calling for the banning of the comedy critic’s Twitter account. Or at the very least, the blue check mark next to his name. What’s the difference, both are a form of censorship somehow.

We also talk about the DiGiorno Holiday Pizza, Detective Pikachu, and how Nietzsche was right about god being dead.

Somebody call the cops (us).

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