Case File 43 with Tyler Russo

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Welcome to Episode 43 of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by Deputy Tyler Russo. He’s the creator of the hyper-realistic turtle dicks in this video from The Onion, as well as the auteur of this Youtube channel and this Vimeo channel.

This episode, we talk about the disgusting phrase “creatives” that idiots use to describe themselves to make themselves sound interesting. We sentence all those people to lobotomies. We also talk about Marvel’s new editor-in-chief who on occasion uses the Japanese pseudonym Akira Yoshida. Spoiler alert: he’s not Japanese, but he’s now going to be. Forever.

We also talk about Matt Lauer and his list of Christmas gifts you DON’T want to receive this season.

We also bring in repeat offender Lucian B. Wintrich again, who is definitely a real person. It may be okay to be white, but it’s not okay to wear a fucking bow tie in 2017 you nerd.

Here’s the Nazi-next-door story the New York Times ran recently. Here’s my favorite poem about the New York Times:

We also talk about Rotten Tomatoes overrating the movie Lady Bird and hashtag Elsagate.

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