Case File 41 with Michael Pottle

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Welcome to Episode 41 of Thought Cops, aka the autofellatio episode. We’re once again joined by Deputy Michael of, and creator of Greg Loves a Human.

This episode, we start off by changing up the show’s format a little by sentencing thought crimes as they happen, as opposed to the week after. It’s a minor change, but the show should hopefully be a little more streamlined and a little less top-heavy.

Officer Kevin was also on the fellow Chicagoan podcast Booze Before Noon this week. I don’t think the episode has dropped yet, but check it out when it does.

But anyway, this week in the news: Conservatives destroy their Keurig coffee makers because they love the environment.

Baked Alaska gets banned from Twitter and spends 9 hours in an In-N-Out complaining to its otherwise helpless patrons. Seriously, look at the time on that video.


In other Twitter news, Twitter took the blue checkmark away from several white supremacists on the platform, which is basically the equivalent of the second Holocaust to a group who somehow isn’t sure whether or not there was a first the Holocaust.

Rounding out the Twitfecta, @dril’s identity has been exposed. Turns out it actually was Jack Nicholson this whole time. If you don’t understand that joke, please Google @dril.

There’s a documentary coming out soon about whether or not Apu from the Simpsons is a problematic stereotype. Like all other documentaries that come out, I plan on not watching it.

Blake Shelton was voted People Magazine’s sexiest man alive, and we all agree that the award should’ve gone to Ichigo from Bleach. I guess there’s no tolerance for anime in Trump’s America.

Finally, New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s press secretary was caught saying that Chicago pizza is better than New York pizza. Problem solved I guess, now we no longer have to debate this. You can all go back to your families now, the war’s over.

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