Case File 34 with Luke and David of The Shrimp Boys

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Welcome to another episode of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by two of the Shrimp Boys, a comedy troupe from out here in Chicago. Make sure to catch them this Saturday, the 7th at the Lincoln Lodge. Also make sure to follow them on Facebook and Youtube, as well as Luke and David‘s respective Twitters. Here’s a list of upcoming shows by them:

This week they help us tackle Twitter word limits, the ongoing war between Flat Earther B.O.B. and Neil “deGrassi: The Next Generation” Tyson, a crappy letter from a kid to a judge in the Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy case, Mario donkey punching Yoshi in the noggin, Rick and Morty’s rabid fan base, whether or not Hugh Hefner was a good or a bad person, Steven Seagal looking like a fucking idiot, George Clooney writing the worst poem ever created, and lest we not forget #taketheknee. Jesus Christ. Spoiler alert, no hot takes this episode. There have been enough hot takes for the week, last thing you need from us is another opinion crammed down your throat about whether or not millionaire athletes are paid enough money to make their own adult decisions about how to conduct themselves. Go watch Fox News if you want that. We, on the other hand, hope to wrangle everybody who has an opinion on the topic up and serve them a hot, steaming cup of justice by the next episode. Better start deleting tweets.

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