Case File 31 with Michael Pottle

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Set your difficulty level to “white person,” because it’s another episode of THOUGHT COPS. This week, we’re joined by Deputy Michael of L.A.’s Desert District to take on thought criminals such as Rush Limbaugh, Toni Basil, Nintendo, and a couple of 90’s cartoons that all made the fatal mistake of upsetting people on the internet.

Michael has a short film that’s been making the rounds at various film festivals. You can watch it here:

You can also check out his website,

We also have a new voicemail number, (312)788-7361. Call us, leave a voicemail about what’s outraging you online, and feel free to toss in your own sentences if you want.

First up this week, we have Rush Limbaugh telling people that Hurricane Irma is a liberal conspiracy, then slithering away into a silent evacuation of his own. If this surprises anyone, you haven’t been alive for very long.

Kimberly Paige is in some heat in her race to become the next mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. Apparently it’s mot acceptable to list “White” as a qualification. So much for the tolerant left.

Everybody’s favorite Italian plumber is no longer so, as Nintendo describes Mario’s list of former jobs as being a plumber. I guess going in and out of drainage pipes, swimming in shit is just a hobby.

The Powerpuff girls added a new girl, and people are angry. South Park’s new video game darkens your character’s skin depending on the difficulty level you set, and people are upset. Toni Basil sues people for using the word M*ckey. Twin Peaks ends and people don’t know what to think. All that and more on this week’s THOUGHT COPS!

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