Case File 300: This is Sparta!

We took a break, but we’re back! Some said episode 299 might be our last, but don’t shoot the messenger. Persian or Greek, nobody threatens a messenger. They called us mad for coming back, but we have a couple choice words for them:

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Field Notes

Yes, it’s the year of our M’lort 2023 and we’re still doing “This Is Sparta” jokes. So what, I still Rickroll people too. We’re still streets ahead of Elon Musk, who is about to find out what vaporwave is in the next couple weeks. Now all we need is to ruin a very popular website and we’ll have made it.

Thank you for the continued support for these past 300 episodes. We also have a bonus episode coming down the pipeline within the next day or so, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, enjoy our 300th episode, we talk about some of our plans moving forward and answer some voicemails!

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

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