Case File 30

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Sup ninjas, welcome to Episode 30 of Thought Cops! This week, we venture deep into the Konoha District of Neo Chicago to witness the local shinobi take part in what’s known as “Naruto Run Around Trump Tower.” No, I’m not kidding.

We used this opportunity to go to what I might have mistakenly called in this episode “the most intelligent protest I’ve ever witnessed,” with the intention of asking questions on video for a remote segment. Video is hopefully coming soon. Anyway, here are some pictures from the “protest.”

The night was filled with cries of “Not my Hokage,” “Donald Trump hates anime,” and “Free Anthony,” the latter of which was an ode to the Karate Kid who got arrested to running in the street like a goddamn goobus. #freeanthony

Again, we have video of all of this so wait about a week or so for it to come out.

The Naruto Run Around Trump Tower seemed to overshadow the fact that we hit over 1000 downloads this episode. Thanks for listening.

But this week, we also had a whole host of other things to get into. Joel Osteen, man of money, believer in the Federal Reserve, doucher of bags, is waist-deep in shit this week for not letting people waist-deep in flood water come into his GIANT BASKETBALL STADIUM. Is the internet outrage on the show this time finally justified? What do I look like, a cop???

There’s also a whirlwind of controversy spiraling around Ann Coulter for making a joke about the hurricane happening because of Houston’s lesbian mayor. Here’s a picture of her:

I can’t say I’m fully convinced. Perhaps Ann meant a previous mayor, but what do I look like, a librarian?

Rounding out the hurricane trifecta, we have the “this is how it ought to be, despite what your gender studies professor says” meme, hot off the press. To be honest though, I’m too tired to explain it, so just read this article on it. They need the hits.

In other news, the VMAs happened but I didn’t watch them. Sargon of Akkad was banned from Twitter but I don’t know who that is. A censorship-free alternative to Youtube called “Pewtube” goes viral for censoring videos on Communism, but nobody’s heard of it before. And an all female reboot of Lord of the Flies is happening in Hollywood, but I didn’t read that book because I broke my glasses. If you don’t understand that joke, you haven’t read Lord of the Flies. Go read it, you filthy fucking uncultured swine. And don’t leave without listening to this week’s episode of THOUGHT COPS!!!


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