Case File 29 with Robbie of The Dirty Nines

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Opa. Welcome to Episode 29 of Thought Cops. Deputy Robbie of the Dirty Nines joins us in the race to 1000 downloads this week, as we cover net neutrality, the resurrection of Civil War general and sportscaster Robert Lee, Alex Jones gets attacked by a globalist, Joss Whedon and James Cameron’s exclusive hot takes on feminism, and MTV’s out of this world take on gender non-conformity.

First, we talk about the Kleins of H3H3 and their historic, landmark case in the fight for fair use of media against a man who’s the physical embodiment of Gumby. Here’s a video of them talking about it:

Also, Amy Schumer demanded Netflix pay her more money because of how much Chappelle and Chris Rock got paid, but also she didn’t. So I don’t know how to make sense of that.

This week, ESPN banned Robert Lee from announcing a sports game in Virginia. Uh oh, hot dog. Make sure the next time you go into Starbucks that you tell your barista that your name is Hashtag Robert Lee.

I hope that’s how you spell “Hashtag Robert Lee.”

Speaking of coffee, a few weeks ago Alex Jones had hot coffee thrown in his face by a paid actor. Speaking of actors, a quick retraction of a thing I mentioned in this week’s episode, the guy who got stabbed for having a “nazi haircut” actually just stabbed himself. Go fuck yourself, guy. You can’t pull one over on the Thought Cops.

Joss Whedon’s fan site “Whedonesque” shut down this week, after his ex-wife called him a “fake feminist.” He’s also a fake greek god.


Here’s Bill O’Reilly visiting Chinatown.

Whatever happened to that guy?

Here’s a picture of Lance Bass, one of MTV’s newest Moon People.

James Cameron said some stuff about Wonder Woman, but I forgot what. Anyway, here’s the Titanic review Red Letter Media did that I mentioned during the episode.

Finally, here’s the Titanic song we referenced in the episode that was featured numerous times on the defunct podcast “The Biggest Problem in the Universe.”

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