Case File 28 with Deputy Russell

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Hold onto your medium sized waffle cones, because you’re listening to episode 28 of Thought Cops! This week we’re joined once again by Deputy Russell from the Cyberpunk Hallel District of L.A., formerly of the Antebellum District of Mississippi. He’s on this week as a representative of the entirety of the south, so get out your pitchforks and tiki torches. Just kidding. The conversation we have about growing up in the south, living in a present that’s not too far removed from the history most of us only seem to read about, and breaking down a lot of presuppositions about the culture and what’s really fueling the seemingly sudden rise of white supremacy in the country, is probably the most interesting content we’ve had to date. So make sure not to miss this one.

Here’s the clip of the movie “Whore” I referenced in the episode:

See, it does exist, you fucks.

Here’s the tweet sent out by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, proving he’s not racist by showing us that he has black friends.

When asked about this bizarre tweet in an interview, he had this to say:

We also talk about Pewdiepie distancing himself from Neo-Nazis by refusing to make anymore Nazi jokes, and Macklemore distancing himself from white supremacists by… getting a haircut. He went from looking like a Hitler Youth, to a skinhead. Oops. There’s no pleasing some people I guess.

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