Case File 275 [The Asterios Cut]

This is a reupload of episode 275, but Asterios did a guest edit of it. If you already listened to 275, consider listening to this edit of it. It’s great!

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Field Notes

Asterios edited this one so if you have any problems with it tell him. Our hands are washed.

“What’re ya workin’ on? Where can our listeners find you? Who’re yer guyyyyys?” None of that on this episode. Back to basics. The days of training academy…

Anywho. We have a show to do.

Babe, wake up! James Earl Jones hangs up his Darth Vader cape and helmet, or rather he already did some time ago and he’s been given immortality by a Ukrainian speech program created during wartimes. Crazy stuff, huh? Well it’s all true, and you can hear us talk about it.

Lizzo played a flute and people got mad. She should have played the Song of Time and dropped one of those giant blue monoliths on them. You know the ones. Right.

The Try Guys fire one of their own this week. Also, we learn who the Try Guys are this week.

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