Case File 274: Space Force Coast to Coast with Drink A Beer And Play A Game

Brian and Jim of Drink A Beer And Play A Game are back! We went on their show this week, and they came on ours. The content creator’s circle of life.

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Field Notes

We’re still complaining about wordle, get over it. If you were in our discord server, you’d understand. Though that problem has been quarantined now. Thanks Zwick! Grant walks back a previous Key to the City as a new 2 Minutes Of Hate: The Patagonia founder giving away his money. Hey, you can’t win ’em all.

All bets are off on twitch this week, because gambling is (sort of) a problem. “Most gambling. Okay some gambling. Okay we have no idea what we’re doing all right?”

The mighty “Space Force” has a theme song now that middle school bands will be forced to play at football games for years to come. Hey, maybe you could use the annoying ukulele they gave you on a 12 hour flight to Honolulu.

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