Case File 27 with Ron of Big Sword Panel

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Lube up your gloves, because it’s another episode of Thought Cops! This week, we’re once again joined by Deputy Ron of Big Sword Panel, to talk about reclaiming swastikas, fake Twitter conversations, curvy wives, fisting the New York Times, red-pilled grandpas, and manifestos.

KA Designs came under fire this week for trying to make the swastika cool again. Needless to say, it didn’t happen. You can read some fake news on it here.

Then again, what news can you trust anymore? None of it, apparently. That’s the lesson we’re supposed to learn on Twitter this week, because as sexual assault allegations fly around the gaming community, one brave Twitter user took it into her hands to show you can’t trust everything you see, by making a fake DM conversation, and ruining someone’s reputation in the process just in case. You can’t make an omelette without doxxing a few eggs, right?

Its hard not to be cynical in this day and age, with so much rampant negativity in the news. Right? Wrong! One Instagram user took it into his own hands to show that true love exists in all shapes and sizes, namely, the shape and size of his big, curvy wife. He loves her no matter what. And he goes to great lengths to prove this to as many people as he can, as many times as he can, and no amount of publicity is going to stop him! Here‘s some more fake news on it.

Oh yeah, fisting. The New York Times may soon be experiencing that unique feeling of a middle-aged conservative woman’s fist in their ass, if the threat is meant to be read literally. Cause it sure as hell sounds like it. I hope you took your red pills this morning because this one’s gonna hurt.

And despite anything that exiled google employee James Damore has to say about women, one fictional woman just shattered the glass ceiling- all the way into outer space! And that’s why this week, Harry Potter- I mean, Princess Leia from Star Wars gets the key to the city!

Never trust your fists, only the Thought Cops can help you.

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