Case File 260: Elon Musk vs. Kevin with Aaron Klopfer

Don’t steal this episode and crop it- Aaron Klopfer is back along with a once-in-a-lifetime appearance by Elon Musk!

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Field Notes

We squash the beef with Elon this week (or try to) in our biggest Beef Before Potatoes EVER. Elon Musk got into it with the fine folks over at Hard Drive this week, and wouldn’t you know it, our very own Officer Kevin got called out by Elon as a coward! Say it ain’t so!

But don’t lose your appetite just yet, because we’re talking fast food and lots of it. Burger King has a ‘Pride Whopper‘ with ‘two equal buns’, and Pizza Hut has fallen. Seth Green lost his ape and lost his dumb idea for a TV show as well. Should have stuck to using Midjourney, way cheaper and way cooler.

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