Case File 26

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Get the fuck off your parent’s insurance, because it’s Episode 26 of THOUGHT COPS. This week we’re joined once again by our show’s Stenographer to talk about Chicago’s most notorious outrage victim, Jordan Peterson getting his Youtube taken down and then put back up, tan-skinned people of unassumed ethnic origin disrespecting American monuments, Earthworm Jim’s creator misgendering journalists, a very special Veggie Tales story, a video games, and finally, a crazy lady gets her tires smashed and you need to know all about it.

First, a bit of redemption for Chicago’s prehistoric outrage victim, Steve Bartman. You may remember back in 2004 when this happened:

Well now he’s come to the end of his series arc, because the Cubs have decided to give him a World Series Ring. You can both give Carlos Slim more money and read all about it by clicking here.

Next we have the story of a disgusting family that crossed a border, came here, and disrespected the land that they lived off of.

Except it turns out that the border they crossed, and the land that they “lived off of” were probably not exactly what you were thinking of.


In other news, Jordan Peterson got his Youtube taken down but then got it back. So, yeah. I don’t know. Next.

Earthworm Jim’s creator is in some hot water for misgendering a Gaming-American journalist online. The ironic part is that somebody also confused Earthworm Jim’s creator for someone that anybody should give a fuck about.

This episode we also delve deeper into the origin story of Officer Kevin. Turns out he was the sole inspiration for the character “Kevin” in 321 Penguins. You know, the stupid one.

We also give the Key to the City this week to whatever genius drew this picture:


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