Case File 238 with Case File 1

We go where no podcast has gone before (probably): back, to the past. That’s right folks, we’re listening to our very first episode, grinning and bearing our way through it, with lots of commentary and laughs along the way. This one’s gonna be a liiiittle bit different, methinks!

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Field Notes

February 2017: The Year Of Our Lord. Donald Trump had just entered the white house, people were punching nazis, Ken Bone had entered the scene, and Thought Cops Begins. Pre-Zwick, pre-Discord News, pre-Niko, pre-reliable technological equipment. We sat down with a phone on our desk and riffed. A lot of this is finding our footing, and finding out what did or didn’t work. You’ll hear us cringe at our past selves, and also find out how right we didn’t even know we were at times.

The more things change, often the more they stay the same. This was a weird experience for us, not only personally, but on a large cultural scale. So join us for this trip down memory lane, as we rapidly approach 5 years of Thought Cops. God damn.

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