Case File 23

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Welcome back to another episode of Thought Cops. We’re still here, and we’re bigger than ever. This week we’re talking about net neutrality, internet censorship, women with fake hair, Green Day, bigoted boxers, and famed children’s music phenomenon “Kid Rock” announces his run for Senate.

But first, we take a giant shit on a rival podcast in preparation for a new segment that might be coming later in the year, “Podtober.” Or Podvember. We’ll figure it out. Point is, we hope to spend one month firing shots at rival podcasts sometime in the future.

Next up, we talk about net neutrality, a topic neither of us know anything about. The conversation is both compelling and enlightening.

We also talk about internet censorship in other countries. I’d say thank god I don’t live in one of those countries, but I bet the pay for Thought Cops is better in China and North Korea.

Last week we missed the opportunity to talk about the sexist dress code Congress has. I say the only dress code they need is one of orange jumpsuits, because Stephan Molyneux told me that taxation is theft. He also told me to leave my parents for putting me in time out when I was younger, except I’m in my mid 20’s and don’t live at home anymore anyway.

Children’s entertainer “Kid Rock” announced he’s running for Senate. I think he wrote the song “Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy.” That might be juvenile to joke about, but you fucking picked that name, man. You picked the name “Kid Rock.” You can’t blame that on anybody else.

Green Day also did a thing that they didn’t know wasn’t not a thing that shouldn’t have been done, but it was done anyway without knowing that it would turn into a P.R. NIGHTMARE. It ended up being a big NOTHING BURGER though.

We hope to be having some bigger guests on the show sometime soon, so please stay tuned. We just have to get Skype figured out and we’ll be good to get people all over the world in on the action. In the meantime follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and leave us a review on iTunes.

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