Case File 21

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Check IDs before you let anyone in the door of a new episode of THOUGHT COPS. Sleepy Cops edition. This week we’re once again bogged down by paperwork, so we’ve begun a take-no prisoners, shoot first and ask questions later approach. Which consists of us going after anyone online who uses the phrase “nothing burger,” anyone who uses fidget spinners, people who bother the fuck out of other people online only to proudly display a “blocked user” screenshot, people who use the phrase “the Youtube Community,” people who post porn onto Facebook, and the over the top Harry Potter references online. READ ANOTHER BOOK.

Despite the fact that this episode came out late, and it’s a little less adherent to the past format we’ve been using, this might just be the best episode we’ve done yet. I hope you all think so too. So buckle up motherfuckers, because the Thought Cops are back, baby! They’re good again! Awwwooouuuuuuu! (Wolf howl)

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