Case File 20

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Welcome to the Latest Podcast in the world, the only podcast where I post the episode 4 days late. We’re backlogged with about 10,000 hours worth of paperwork. We finished it all though, so according to a TED Talk I didn’t watch, we’re technically experts at paperwork.

This week we talk about wig-wearing reality star Gene Simmons trademarking a sign language word, two idiots I don’t know online fighting about online internet things, Buzzfeed creating imaginary wage gaps, energizing stickers you place in your vagina, and how to get multiple tonalities out of your “Yeah boiyeeeeee” by learning Mongolian throat singing.

We also introduce a new segment to the show, where we present the Key to the City of the cyberpunk district of Neo-Greektown. This week it’s Peter Butera. Nice speech, Peter. Wanna say it in the White House? Here’s the video of Peter’s heroism.

Thanks for the fake video, CNN. Now back to more paperwork.

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