Case File 2

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Wee-woo wee-woo, welcome to the second episode of Thought Cops, with your hosts Officer Kevin and Officer Grant. On this week’s episode, we get right into it: the newest symbol of the Alt-Right Neo-Nazis, Netflix’s genocide against Caucasians, the newest N-Words you’re not allowed to say to journalists, and Youtube’s top Youtuber, Pew-die-pie comes out as an Anti-Semite. If Trump was literally Hitler and we were literally living in 1930’s Nazi Germany, I’d definitely be freaking out right about now.

In response to the Netflix show Dear White People, I reference a video by Philip DeFranco that you can watch here:

I applaud him for sitting through the entire movie and creating a commentary around it. I haven’t seen a movie in its entirety since the Lion King came out in theaters when I was 3, and I certainly wasn’t about to watch this one. Hell, I didn’t even watch the entire Philip DeFranco video, I had to turn it off when he started trying to sell me shit. But the argument stands, is this a piece of race-baiting propaganda, or is it more weaponized outrage to get people talking, the core substance of which serves to address issues we’re all facing and yet too afraid to talk about in this country, in an intelligent and digestible way? You decide. I’m already sick of the topic.

We also address the swastikas that have been following Sarah Silverman around New York City like the number Pi does to that guy in that movie Pi.

Hopefully, everything will end well for Sarah. How does that movie end again? I never finished it. I’m sure it probably ends on a positive note.

Finally, I also reference Giraldo Rivera getting hit in the face with a chair in the 80’s. You can watch it here in its full entirety:

The 80’s certainly were an interesting time. Everybody had a daytime talk show, Madonna was still alive, and Pokemon Go hadn’t been invented yet. You’re probably thinking “Madonna is still alive, isn’t she?” To which I shall respond with a final, open-ended question for you to consider until next episode: “is she really?”

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