Case File 195 with Jade Benoit

Clownin’ around with us this week is Jade Benoit as we close out 2020, thus ushering in a new year in which everything will immediately be fixed.

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Field Notes

We have a brand new episode of Fire Bros up for all of our lovely Patreon donors, where we decide whether to burn or save: Borat 2, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Run The Jewels 4, and The Boys season 2. So, uh, help your boys out and don’t miss it?

Lots of great stories this week folks, lotta good stuff. You can’t say s*mp or *ncel anymore- we’ll be going over some of the alternatives in the episode. Pornhub allows only Ch*ckmarks to upload porno onto their platform now, and Joe Paulsef Watson tweets about masks and anal sex. A lot.

Lizzo got caught drinking juice this week, and OnlyFans turns out to be a viable alternative to waiting for the next stimulus package.

Thank you for all your continued support during this shitty year. I know listening to podcasts is probably the last thing on anyone’s minds these days, but we love doing it, and hopefully we keep you company and make you laugh once in a while too. See you, Space Cop.

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