Case File 194 with Jack Allison

Jack Allison is Back Allison this week. That’s right, the host of Struggle Session is here once again to talk about getting Grinch-pilled, dunking on idiots on twitter, and so much more.

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Field Notes

We have a brand new episode of Fire Bros up for all of our lovely Patreon donors, where we decide whether to burn or save: Borat 2, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Run The Jewels 4, and The Boys season 2. So, uh, help your boys out and don’t miss it?

Grant talks about a real battle with technology withdrawal this week, and Kevin expresses grief with the “Age yourself by ____” posts. “Oh, you were born in approximately this year range? Wow, me too!”

California lost another one of it’s most important residents this week. Possibly to Texas? Who knows. Disney announced about 60 things at once because brand fatigue means nothing when you sit atop the throne of the Mouse.

Moving along to finer cinema, someone call up Martin Scorsese, ’cause he should make a flick about Cuomo and Fauci! Yeahhh they’re like the next fucken, DeNiro and Pacino! Forget about it!

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