Case File 191 with Berries n’ Cream

Don’t let your memes be dreams, Berries n’ Cream joins the scene for a new Thought Cops, uh, episode! Check out her Instagram and Youtube channel, where you can listen to Gorl Talk.

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Field Notes

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Busy week this week on the Thought Cops radar. Twitter rolls out Fleets, which end up clogging the toilet of the internet. Big relieving flushing moment though was when Animal Crossing banned any form of political advertisement. Now we just need everything else to do the same. Speaking of politics, Rudy Giuliani’s face melted off during a press conference this week and the image is burned into my brain. The Pope is also on trial for not being a p*dophile and liking an Instagram post of a scantily clad adult woman. Godspeed, you heterosexual teleiophile.

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