Case File 19 with Deputy Henry

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Get your outrage license renewed, because it’s time for another episode of THOUGHT COPS. On today’s episode, we wade deep through the muck of the new Super Colonialist Bros video game, bleeping out D*nald Tr*mp’s name on television, and waking Katy Perry up. I use an alarm clock, she uses a haircut and highlights.

This week we’re joined by Deputy Henry. Henry is in the studio to plug the concept of a full time job desk job. We also have another call in this week from Undercover Agent Robert, and we once again fucked up his operation by mentioning his name. He’s giving us the scoop on Last Man Standing, now on Netflix.

I also read this article from William Hicks off the website HeatStreet, which might be the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. I could barely get through it. Check it out, yo.

We also get interrupted about 80 times by different emergency sirens throughout the episode, so you get to listen as my patience wears thinner and thinner. There was probably a hooker war going on outside my window or something.

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