Case File 186 with Anime Serbia of Kemonofriendzone

How did it start? Well, let me tell you how it’s going, Kemonofriendzone’s very own Anime Serbia joins Thought Cops this week to do what we do best and complain about what happened this week on Twitter.

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Field Notes

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This week, cartoons are back, baby, and they’re better than ever. Magical Girl Friendship Squad seems to be a hit, as everybody online seems to be talking about it. Speaking of magical girls, a famous one with green hair named Billie Eilish has been the target of a harassment campaign for, I guess, walking around outside.

Speaking of celebrities, Gal Gadot finally admitted that the celebrity “Imagine” video didn’t really do anything beyond being a vapid form of slacktivism. At least they’re starting to get it. Also Bill Burr told some jokes on SNL, and some people liked them and others didn’t. Many opinions were had. How many times do we have to cancel this show before it goes off air?

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