Case File 180 with Donni Saphire

This week, Donni Saphire, Chicago comedian extraordinaire, joins the Thought Cops to deep dish out some Chicago-style justice.

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Field Notes

This week, one of our listeners learns the hard way what happens when you cheat at a participation contest. You’ll want to find out what happens.

We also fight our way through some tumultuous technical difficulties to bring you a steaming hot fresh new episode where we take down “men” and their “red flag movies,” as well as outdoor comedy in general. If you expected anything less you should be ashamed of yourself.

In the news this week it looks like men have been stealing sleep from women, math is fake, Amazon develops a smart watch to tone-police and body-shame you, people cyber harass a woman on the internet for… having breasts? And, have the Thought Cops finally met their match in the twitter user “Billy Back The Blue?” Find out all this and more on this week’s episode of Thought Cops!

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