Case File 18 with Deputy Doug

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Slip a rubber on, because Thought Cops just turned 18! That’s right, it’s another episode of your favorite outrage show. Episode 18. And because our parents didn’t buy us a Ferrari for our 16th birthday, we’re getting revenge on them by exposing ourselves to the world.

This episode we’re joined once again from BFTD Deputy Doug. Doug’s got a project he’s working on, BUT IT’S NOT DONE YET. So hold on for a bit longer.

This week we talk about comedians and public officials using the n-word, fake protests, pottymouth CNN hosts, pills of all different colors, and tentacle porn. I also talk about how I fucked up when I appeared on another podcast with a way bigger fanbase.

Life’s been hectic for all of us, but the show’s been getting better and better each week. We’re considering a possible sponsorship option that’s located in Chicago that might help us out with a couple of expenses. It would be great to be able to cover hosting costs, as well as other show necessities such as a third pop filter so I don’t BBBBlow PPPeoPPPle’s FFFFucking ears out each SSSentenCCCe. So we’ll keep you all updated on that. We also want to get a wider variety of guests on, so if you know any comedians, artists, filmmakers, or anybody creative in Chicago, send them our way.

We also pitch our first show contest: a Tim Allen photoshop battle. Best photoshop of Tim Allen wins a 6 pack of Fat Tires from me and a kiss on the mouth from Officer Kevin. Sorry, those are the rules. We’re actually serious with this, please send us photoshopped pictures of Tim Allen. I’ll actually buy you a 6 pack.

Weewoo weewoo thanks for listening.

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