Case File 174 with Ian Erickson

Now stepping up to the plate, Ian Erickson of Punching Up is back on Thought Cops for round two. Frick, now I’m confusing my sports metaphors.

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Field Notes

We start the episode by cutting into each other, and it turns out that we were all cake. The whole time. Overrated joke, sure, but if we have to keep dredging on throughout this stupid ass culture war go ahead and stick our heads in the oven, because fuck it.

This week we have an update on the Harper’s “Cancel Culture” Letter (turns out they cancelled someone who signed it), blue checkmarks went to the Twitter version of a gulag, Taco Bell turns old menu items into cake, Goya Beans turns into a can of cake, and Cake Computers tells cakesumers not to put cake on their caketop camera, or else it will cake your cakecake. Cake.

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