Case File 17 with The Stenographer

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Buckle up your seat belts, because it’s time for another episode of Thought Cops. This week we’re joined by our own show’s stenographer, to talk about all of last week’s online outrage. What has she been stenographizing? Who knows! Eventually we might get some transcripts for these episodes though.

But this week, we’re discussing the big ugly unfunny red-haired elephant in the room: Kathy Griffin. I’d say this was a sort of “fall from grace” for Griffin, but her “grace” seems to be neither here nor there. Did Griffin cross a line? Was this warranted? Better question is, now that this happened a number of days ago, is anyone even still thinking about this?

We also talk about the most exciting thing to ever happen in baseball:

Apparently this outraged a bunch of people, but let’s be honest: all those people are fucking idiots. This is the coolest picture I’ve ever seen. I’m putting this on my fridge, as my Facebook profile picture, and making my girlfriend wear a bag on her head with this picture stapled to it.

We also talk about racist stereotypes in Nintendo games, the de-feminization of Kimmy Schmidt, and Chloe Grace Moretz fat shaming people with a poster she made. We also debut a new bit, Internet Headlines, as well as the return of the fan favorite bit Trump Tweets. So go ahead and check it out, subscribe, and tell your friends.

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