Case File 163 with Jeremy Kaplowitz of Hard Drive

Your cool friends might’ve all already heard this one, but send it to them anyway! Jeremy Kaplowitz, Editor in Chief of Hard Drive joins the fight this week! Jeremy is also the Campaign Manager of Ace Watkins, the Gamer President, and has his own podcast, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Show.

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Field Notes

Who censors the censorers is this week’s big question, and as always the answer is us. Disney is censoring your favorite (or not so favorite) movies left and right, removing women’s asses or turning washing machines into pizza ovens. Have they no shame? Have they no decency? Anyway, we’re here to set em straight and put nipples on their butts.

We also collectively cringed ourselves into an early death at the viewing of the abomination that is “Charmander,” and now you all have to witness it too. You’re welcome.

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