Case File 161 with Brett Mercer of Big Time Garbage

Brett Mercer from Big Time Garbage joins the Thought Cops once more another fresh episode! April Fools, no he didn’t. Just kidding, April Fools is CANCELLED. No but really, he’s on this episode, and you should listen.

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Field Notes

April Fool’s may be cancelled, but self-quarantined social isolationism isn’t. We’re all in our respective bunkers broadcasting to you LIVE through the internet some hot-off-the-plate internet justice, Thought Cops style (no ketchup.) We’ve got it all, jammed into one giant delicious episode.

On this episode we’ve learned that if the Sopranos is your favorite tv show, you might be just a little to the left of Adolph Hitler. The world may be crumbling all around us, but we can all still rely on dumb politics to unite us and make us feel like everything’s back to normal. Just look at a Lori Lightfoot meme and shut up. Maybe if you do we’ll all get through this quicker.

Speaking of wanting to get through things quicker, the sooner we can get through the Cuomo brothers’ dumb fucking quarantine schtick the better. The news of the week that I never wanted to have to ever look at is “Nipplegazi.” Click the link if you dare. One of them has the covid so maybe this will all be over sooner than we could all hope.

Brett and the Garbage boys have been streaming almost every night over on their twitch channel, make sure to give them a follow.

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