Case File 16 with Ron of Big Sword Panel

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Welcome to episode SWEET 16 of Thought Cops. This week we’re joined by Deputy Ron from Big Sword Panel. We talk about anime conventions, missed connections, and the most effective ways to piss people off. Number 12 will shock you. We also have Secret Undercover Agent Robert calling in to give us the scoop on Tim Allen’s tragically canceled sitcom, Last Man Standing. Cue joke about Obamacare. Cue overly zealous laugh track.

We’ve got superheroes on the brain this week, because that’s the only type of movie that exists anymore. Great power, great responsibility, etc. Whatever. Even the Thought Cops movie is basically a superhero movie, but we have the decency to not force you to sit through another fucking origin story. Whether it’s exclusive movie screenings that you have to be part of a “secret club” or gender to get into, or IRL family deaths causing massive outrage online, we’re there to crack the case wide open like it’s a reporter’s reading glasses.

Meanwhile, Gamer-Americans across the country express outrage at the new scenario presented in the latest addition to the Far Cry gaming franchise, Far Cry 5, Codename: White Genocide. Imagine if there was a game where someone gave you a gun, and just said “shoot,” except it happened here! In this very country! Probably nothing. We go over it at length this episode anyway.

It’s not all fun and games though, as people are Mad Online™ about shit that’s happening here in the real world, like Richard Spencer being kicked out of a gym for being white. Oh and also a supremacist. Someone sound the lunk alarm, because between this and politicians dropping reporters on the ground, it’s created a very intimidating environment for me to work out in. The stakes have never been higher, but have no fear because the Thought Cops are on the case.

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