Case File 159 with Garrett Hunter and Bryan Abou Chacra

Mega64‘s own Garrett Hunter returns, and Mega64‘s own Bryan Abou Chacra makes his debut! The two hosts of the Mega64 Poorly Played Stream team up with the two hosts of Thought Cops in our meatiest, most vulnerable episode yet!

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Field Notes

So, how bout this virus we’re having?

Everything is closed and there’s nothing to do, so we’re streaming more than ever on twitch! We’ve been doing all kinds of fun streams lately, so subscribe to us and don’t miss a beat!

Much to talk about this week. And no one gives a fuck about your quarantine routine. Least of all Jared Leto, who had no idea any of this was happening because he was hiding from a cult he created or something.

Despite all of the shelter-in-place warnings (read: orders), it didn’t stop college students from wanting to party it up in Miami! Well, it can’t be so bad when the alternative is being cooped up with your family. And some family feuds die hard, as shown in this clip from the Cuomo brothers. But it’s pretty lonely out there, if we’re being honest. After all, just look at the WWE.

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Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

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