Case File 151 with Witten

Better call the business number for the police, because Witten joins us for this auspicious episode of Thought Cops this week. You might recognize her from this video:

You can follow Witten on Twitter and Instagram. And possibly outdoors in a cage somewhere public. Gotta give the people what they want.

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Field Notes

Jeffery Epstein might not have killed himself, but we might’ve just caused the actor who voices Apu on the Simpsons to. Finally we caused economic harm to happen to a boomer instead of vice-versa.

Speaking of economic harm, some people out there can’t even afford a toothbrush, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lawsuit for one that only costs one cent. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Finally in outrage news this week, Vince Vaughn, lifelong republican, shook hands with the President of the United States. I demand Blockbuster Video give me a full refund for my purchase of the DVD of Dodgeball that I purchased in 2004.

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