Case File 15

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Welcome to episode 15 of Thought Cops. This week we’re talking about Tim Allen’s show getting cancelled, much like it would’ve gotten cancelled in 1940’s Germany, Jimmy Fallon’s regrets about his infamous Trump interview, and rompers for men, or, “romp-hims.” Jesus Christ.

But first: think Bill Cosby is a rapist? Well you might just be a racist then. That’s how we’re beginning to solve crimes now in America, instead of abiding by the rule of law we’ve chosen to resort to mindless virtue signalling. At least that’s the Thought Cops way of doing things. Better flip on the virtue signal.

Continuing our ongoing story of the fight between the Antifa Babies and the Alt Righties, Gavin McInnes is disinvited from giving a speech at DePaul University all because he likes to punch people that punch him first. So I guess what he should do in the eyes of the university is take lessons from the film Rocky and just keep getting hit in the face without trying to block or dodge anything. Seriously, who taught Rocky how to box? Maybe you would’ve won the fight if you would’ve blocked at least half of those hits with something other than your face. Keep your gloves up man, Jesus.

In semi-related news, Jimmy Fallon is seemingly depressed over his lighthearted interview with Donald Trump over a year ago. Maybe instead of ruffling his hair he should’ve taken a giant shit in his lap. Maybe that would’ve gotten him good ratings and would’ve made him more acceptable in the eyes of the general public. I like my comedians how I like my closest friends: completely in agreement with every single one of my opinions.

Men are also wearing rompers now, so apparently that’s a thing. Pretty soon adult diapers will be considered haute couture.

You can listen to the rest of this week’s bullshit on the show. Just tell your CIA-compromised Alexa device to “tell you what’s pissing people off this week” and it’ll play our episode. Namaste.

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