Case File 142 with Aaron Klopfer

Is there a podcast-HER? Mentally unsound comedian Aaron Klopfer makes his triumphant return to Thought Cops! Make sure you check out his YouTube page KloppTube for all sorts of content you would expect from a man who uses facebook status updates in place of weekly therapy sessions.

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Field Notes

Kevin made his Mega64 debut this week on the Poorly Played Stream. Simply put? Ya don’t wanna miss a second of it. It’s a blast!

We discuss the very real concern of Keanu Reeves burnout. He’s in everything these days and folks, we’re burning through him faster than fossil fuels. We also discuss how NOT to promote your art on social media, and the dangers or lack-thereof of wearing shorts every day in Chicago winters.

Disney Plus launched this week and had a few debacles or, as we’re going to call them, “Maclunkeys“. PayPal blocks pornhub for some reason, and gender reveals turn nasty (deadly).

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