Case File 14 with Robbie of The Dirty Nines

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Welcome to yet another episode of Thought Cops. This week, we’re talking about new symbols from Alex Jones (who isn’t a professional symbol maker), the death of Pepe the Frog, and the fact that the Oriental Express doesn’t have any Asians in the main cast.

This week we’re joined by Deputy Robbie from Moovedia and The Dirty Nines. He’s got the scoop on how the government is working nonstop to shut down free speech throughout the country, but failing because they’re too bogged down with paperwork. Good thing the Thought Cops are on the case.

We also debut a new bit toward the end of the show called Trump Tweets. We’ve got the inside story on everything you want to know about the President’s tweeting habits, and the effects it has on the nation. These are the hard-hitting analyses you should be demanding of actual news sources.

Speaking of real news sources, here’s the symbol Alex Jones from Infowars created to do something about virtual reality or something. I don’t know, you read it.

On this episode I also read aloud the insane ramblings of a crazy Twitter user who wrote me a Tom Clancy novel in response to me asserting that Alex Jones was a pioneer, and an explorer. You won’t want to miss it.

There’s so much else to talk about this week. Creator of Boy’s Club Matt Furie kills off Pepe in an attempt to separate himself from those who use the character as a hate symbol. This seems to have somewhat backfired and only empowered his usage more, but I think I have a more realistic solution that I might get into next episode if I can remember.

We also have Chris Pratt’s transgression against the deaf and hard of hearing, microaggressions toward the CEO of Youtube, a racism most foul on the Orient Express, and last but not least and definitely the most important, calling your dog your baby is an insult to moms everywhere. Seriously. My mom calls her dog her baby so I don’t even know what to do. I wish I could keep her from insulting herself and internalizing her own oppression, but she just refuses to go online reading dumb-shit articles on Popsugar like I do.

This is definitely a show you won’t want to miss, it’s packed with material. Click that audio file, mash that subscribe button on iTunes, give us a good rating, and send us a Tom Clancy novel on our Twitter. These past two episodes with guests turned out great, so we definitely plan on doing more like this. Thanks for listening.

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