Case File 138 with Charls Carroll

Good boy Charls Carroll joins us for a special Thought Cops episode, full of laughter and mirth to be had by all. You may know Charls from his days with Million Dollar Extreme and World Peace, or from his project Bombstrap, or even from his Twitch streams. Hell, he even has his own World!

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Field Notes

Boomers got you down? Calling you an incel? Telling you to stop instagramming all the food porn you have saved on your phone? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Charls has been deputized this episode to help us sort out all of the woes of the internet, and he’s got a huge smile on his face the whole time he’s doing it.

You know what doesn’t make us smile though? LeBron James wrapping his mouth around China’s dick. Spongebob Squarepants being a racist colonizer. Ellen DeGeneres making out with Howard Stern to shift the spotlight away from her friendship with a war criminal. Doctors warning women not to put toothpaste in their vaginas to tighten them. THE WORLD HAS GONE CRAZY! MADNESS! MAYHEM! PANDEMONIUM! BEDLAM! Sometimes we could all use our own little world to crawl back into.

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  1. Ass says:

    Next time you guys have a first maybe sure he’s not on cocain or meth.

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